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Review of Mattel's Juicebox personal video player for kids

Peter Rojas
Mattel Juicebox

If your kids are at all tech-savvy they'll probably be desperately disappointed by the Juicebox, Mattel's new $70 portable video player that only works with their proprietary prerecorded cartridges. That means you can't use it to watch your own video clips (or stuff you downloaded off of the Internet), and a cartridge with a full-length feature will set you (or your hard-working child) back $25. Peter Svensson from the AP checked one out and basically confirmed what you already knew, i.e. that the screen was sucky (he put it much more eloquently than that) and the sound quality was awful, but that the battery life was surprisingly good, even better than Mattel what claims for it (he managed to get 10 hours out of it).

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