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Motorola MPx220 pulled off of store shelves

Peter Rojas
Motorola MPx220

So after a couple of months of delays Motorola's new MPx220 Smartphone finally hit stores (well Best Buy stores, since they had the exclusive on it), but it wasn't very long before complaints began to surface about problems with the phone's volume. Motorola's finally doing something about it, and on Friday Best Buy sent an internal memo around to its stores ordering the MPx220 to pulled off of store shelves and returned to Motorola, which would be upgrading the all of the phones' firmware. If you've already bought one and noticed any problems with the earpiece, apparently Motorola will have a number you can call for a replacement. Everything ok over there Moto? With the V600 recalled, the MPx Pocket PC Phone postponed until next year, and some serious problems with the V710, it seems like there might be some quality control issues you might want to take care of.

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