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TiVo planning banner ads for when you fast-forward

Peter Rojas

Congress considering a bill that would make it illegal to fast-forward through commercials on DVDs is already bad enough, but apparently determined to alienate their customers even in the absence of a Federal law, TiVo has quietly been cutting deals with advertisers to put banner ads up on screen when you fast-forward through commercials. Beginning in March when you try and fast-forward through a commercial you'll see a small "billboard"; click the pop up and you'll be automatically entered in a contest or get on a list to be sent more information about the product being advertised (all opt-in, they claim). Then by the end of the year TiVo wants to introduce a new service where'll be able to buy stuff from your couch while watching TV (which is awesome, because there isn't already a way to remotely order stuff from the comfort of your own home). TiVo, if you're looking for the perfect way to drive your customers into the arms of your competitors, you've found it.

[Thanks, Thomas]

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