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The Clio (not the Clie) makes a comeback

Peter Rojas

Not to be confused with Sony's Clie (or with a certain discredited phone psychic), but the Clio, a line of portable computers which debuted in 1999 but never quite broke on through to the other side, is making a comeback. The fact that it fell somewhere between a laptop and a PDA is probably part of the reason the Clio failed in the first place (even if it did find love from a small number of hardcore fans who got what it was all about), but Data Evolution, the company that's bringing it back, is taking another stab at it. The new Clio NXT, which should be out early next year, will run on Windows CE. NET 4.2 and have a 9.4-inch LCD screen (that swivels and folds down so you can use it like a tablet PC), built-in WiFi, and a 400MHz processor.

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