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Fast-forwarding commercials is better for advertisers?

Peter Rojas

Doesn't much apply to you if the remote for your digital video recorder has a 30-second skip button (and you use it), but apparently CBS is all set to release a study that shows that people use their TiVo or other DVRs to fast-forward through commercials actually have better ad recall rates than regular viewers. Surprising, maybe, but when you fast-forward through commercials you're probably paying more attention to the screen (since you have to watch for the moment when the show resumes) than the average viewer who more often than not just tunes out completely for those few minutes (also might explain why TiVo is so gung-ho about putting banner ads on screen when you fast-forward). So not only should Congress not be outlawing fast-forwarding of commercials, if anything they should be making it mandatory, right?

[Via PVRblog]

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