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Watch this Wednesday: The Stress Watch


stress watch

Last week we were off the hook with the Samsung GPRS Class 10 Watch Phone, but knowing that we'll never get our watch phone really stressed us out. Fortunately, the Stress Watch is here to help us deal with that.

What it is

Crispin Jones takes on the idea of watches telling more than time. Time really flies when you?re stressed, literally with this watch. Two contacts touch your skin and the more stressed you are the faster time goes by, if you chill out the watch runs backwards.

Why we like it
Personalized time based on mood, what?s not to like. ?Bob, I?ll be at the meeting if I feel up to it, seriously, so don?t stress me out?.

Where to get it and how much
While these aren?t available as far as we can tell, it is in fact a real working watch?we?re hoping to see these on our stressedout wrists within a couple of years.

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