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Cingular getting Siemens S66 1.3 megapixel cameraphone?

Peter Rojas
Siemens S66

When we first spotted the S66 at a press event back in September Siemens' PR guy wouldn't let slip which carrier was going to offer the phone (he knows what kind of gossip hounds we are), but if you look closely at the page Siemens has set up for the S66 you can see a small Cingular logo on the phone's screen. The odds are pretty good you haven't been obsessively following this phone, so we should probably mention that the S66 is their new GSM/GPRS multimedia phone which has a 1.3 megapixel digital camera, a 65,000 color LCD screen, 15 frames-per-second video capture, Bluetooth (which for some reason they insist on spelling as "BlueTooth"), an RS-MMC memory card slot, and something called five-step digital zoom (which doesn't sound encouraging at all).

[Thanks, Kevin]

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