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Driving cap monitors brainwaves to make sure you aren't falling asleep

Peter Rojas
driver asleep

A bunch of students at the University of Navarre in Spain have come up with a gadget to help stop drivers from falling asleep and causing accidents. The thing consists of a special cap with magentic field sensors that monitors your brainwaves while you're driving, and then wirelessly send that data to a PDA which analyzes the brainwaves to see whether they match those of a person who is awake or asleep and triggers an alarm if it looks like they're falling asleep. Estimated price? 4,500 euros, or about 4,270 euros more than it costs to buy one of those basic driver alarm devices which automatically sound if you start nodding off (though by the time your head tilts down, it might already be too late). Also, you have to wear that special cap, something which might mess up your hair or make you look somewhat less cool while driving.

[Thanks, James]

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