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Day 1 of Engadget's Five Days of Holiday Giveaways: Win Voltaic's Solar Backpack

Peter Rojas
Voltaic Solar Backpack

Today's the first day of our Five Days of Holiday Giveaways, and to get things rolling we're giving away a biggie. Our pals at Voltaic have been kind enough to provide us with one of their brand new Solar Backpacks to give away. This badboy sports three solar panels on the back for charging all of your gadgets while you're on the go, and all you've got to do to win it is come up with the best entry for our Engadget in Public contest. What's our Engadget in Public contest?

Here's the dice: In order to win the Solar Backpack we want to see a little public display of affection for Engadget, and we want you to get creative about it. Get your skywriter friend to ink Engadget on the heavens; put Engadget on the screen of all the computers at your school's computer lab; sing a song about us in a crowded public place. Whatever it takes, just keep it nice and legal, or we've never heard of you, ok? The best entry, as determined by the editors of Engadget, takes home the backpack.

You can email us your photos and/or videos documenting your entry to us at Oh, and if it looks at all faked or photoshopped, you're disqualified. (Don't think we can't tell!) You have until midnight on Sunday, December 19th to enter.

P.S. - For legal reasons, the contest is limited to residents of the United States. Sorry!

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