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Mossberg on the Audiovox XV6600 and LG VX8000

Peter Rojas
Verizon XV6600 Pocket PC Phone

Walt Mossberg already gave his personal (and highly coveted) seal of approval to Verizon's new high-speed wireless EV-DO back in April, turns out he spent the past few weeks checking out the first two handsets for the service (until now you could use Verizon's EV-DO with a wireless laptop card), the Audiovox XV6600 (which has so many aliases at this point you'd think it done something wrong) and LG's VX8000. He digs on the XV6600 (he spends surprisingly little time dissing on the fact that it's a Pocket PC Phone), but isn't so hot on the VX8000, which doesn't quite have the apps to properly take advantage of the fact that you're able to get 300 to 500Kbps downloads on your phone.

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