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But will they take messages?

Marc Perton

no cellphonesSome Florida merchants have discovered a lucrative sideline: cellphone-sitting. As reported by The Miami Herald, a ban on cellphones and other electronic equipment in South Florida courthouses has created a booming trade in phone-watching among vendors in close proximity to courthouses. Hot-dog guys and store owners are charging between $2 and $10 to watch phones while their owners head into court. Visitors who can't find a willing vendor are left to their own devices (get it?), with some even ditching the phones in bushes and retrieving them later (presuming, of course they'll still be there). We can see doing that if you just have the crappy phone that came free with your plan, but if you've thrown down for an XV6600 or something, $10 seems like a reasonable price to keep it safe for a couple of hours. Then again, an ant-hill is a lot less likely than a hot-dog guy to swipe that fancy phone as well, so what's a person to do?

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