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Housekeeping: New sections and more

Peter Rojas

We've made a few changes and improvements to the site, so we figured it was time for an update of everything that's been going on:

New sections!
We've added a few new sections to the site:

  • Displays — Basically monitor, projector, and TV related.

  • HDTV — For everything related to high-definition TV, including TVs, programming, and HD-DVD and Blu-ray.

  • Household — Um, we figured we needed a section for all the weird kitchen stuff, furniture, Roombas, etc. that we like to write about so much.

  • Interviews — Self-explanatory.

  • Media PCs — The Desktops section just wasn't cutting it anymore.

  • Podcasts — You'll be able to find every episode of the Engadget Podcast here.

  • Wearables — We got tired of putting wristwatches and solar-powered clothing in the Misc. Gadgets section.

Engadget's Last Minute Holiday Gadget Gift Guide

In case you missed it, we posted our Last Minute Holiday Gadget Gift Guide on Monday. You're really cutting it close now, but there's still time, dammit!

Copy Editor

If you've noticed lately that our sorry asses seem a little less sorry (and sloppy), you can thank Jonathan Hayter, who's climbed aboard the good ship Engadget as our new copy editor.

Engadget Firefox Search Plug-in
We posted about this a few weeks back, but we thought it worth pointing out that Mike Chambers cooked up an excellent for Firefox plug-in for searching Engadget from your toolbar. We use it about a million times a day.

Each section has its own RSS feed

While we're talking about sections, we'll mention again that we've got separate RSS feeds for each of our sections (like if you just want the posts from our cellphones page, you can just get those). The links to each feed are buried a little bit down on each separate section page, so we're putting the RSS feeds for all them together here so you can either pick and choose the ones you want. Collect 'em all!

My Yahoo, Newsgator, and MyFeedster

My Yahoo newsgator icon Feedster

We also wanted to remind you that if use My Yahoo, Newsgator, or MyFeedster, you can automatically add Engadget to your page/news reader simply by clicking the appropriate button above.

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