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HP @ CES - HP Media Hub coming

Eric Lin
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At her keynote on Friday, Carly Fiorina is expected to announce an HP Media Hub, a new Linux-based (yes, we said Linux you /. fans) device that can record and playback TV as well as play pictures, music and video from a user's PC. Gee, we know of another Linux based device that does all that, it's called a TiVo, maybe you've heard of it? Carly may not remember, since she wasn't in charge back then, but HP already released a Linux-based media center before—way back in 2001, even, before anybody knew what a media center was. The Digital Entertainment Center could rip and play mp3s, stream music off the internet and playback photos and video.

Carly is also expected to introduce a few Media Center PCs and 17, count 'em, 17 new high def TVs in LCD, plasma and rear-projection flavors.

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