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Hugh Panero, CEO of XM, on losing Howard Stern to Sirius Radio


CES Hugh on XM

We just got back from the XM press conference at CES and we got to ask him two questions—we made them zingers of course:

Question one: "What impact do you think Howard Stern going to Sirius is going to have on your business, and how close did you come to signing him?"

Video one here, and as you can see from his expression he was really excited about answering this one).

Question two: "Dr. Laura over the past couple of years said that gay people are biological errors. You talked before about decisive programming (i.e. Stern), I wonder what XM's position on hate speech was and if you condone it. And why would you associate yourself with her after you said you wouldn't associate with Howard Stern because of controversial issues. Are you going to lose subscribers, and do you feel gay people are biological errors?"

Video two here

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