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Maskin, the temporary vehicle paint

Marc Perton

maskin temporary car paintYou want to buy a black car. She wants a pink one. The dealer wants your cash, and offers to sell you two cars. Since she's gonna win anyhow, and there's no way you're about to drive a pink car, you do some quick math and end up with his-and-her rides and a second mortgage. Want to avoid this scenario? If paint company Akzo Nobel has their way, you'll opt for Maskin, their new paint on-peel off temporary car paint. The company is pitching the paint both to businesses that want to create temporary admobiles, and to individuals, who might want to change the look of their car for kicks — or to preserve a relationship. (We won't dwell on the obvious appeal this product is sure to have for those who might want to temporarily camouflage a vehicle for nefarious reasons, but Akzo does point out that the paint is great for anyone who might "want to change the identity of a car quickly.")

[Via Slashdot]

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