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Mobile PC: Dockable PC in a Tiny Box

Eric Lin
modular pc

People have tried this before- take the critical guts of a PC: the processor, hard drive, memory and video and audio card, and pack them into a tiny box with a dock connector. Mobile PC is trying again with a unit that packs a 1GHz Transmeta Crusoe, 20GB hard drive with shock protection and 512MB RAM.  The unit has a proprietary dock connector (as if there's a non-proprietary one) so you could theoretically plug it into a desktop dock, a laptop or a mini-handheld form factor or anything else with the right connector. Of course whether there's anything to plug it into is always the problem. No doubt Mobile PC will convince some poor ODM somewhere to produce one or two of these form factors plus the head unit, and then, like all the others who have tried before them, Mobile PC will disappear into history. Not even Personal Mobile Gateway, which is actually based on a standard is having any luck with this idea.

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