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Pioneer @ CES - AirWare XM2GO portable XM receiver

Ryan Block, @ryan
CES Pioneer AirWare XM2GO

Pioneer's new AirWare may only be among the first one to break Delphi's lock on having the only portable XM-receiver, but it will definitely be the first to break general lock on turbo-ugly portable XM devices: their new AirWare XM2GO is mos def a whole helluva lot less ugstown than the Delphi XM2GO. The $350 unit will have 128MB memory to store up to five hours of time-shifted radio (no word on recording and/or digital offloading), has up to 30 presets, and a 2.5-inch display. We can't wait, can't wait—still, we don't know if it's going to be enough to save the sinking ship that is XM right now. Once Sirius busts out a portable player (which may or may not happen some time from now) it's going to be all over.

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