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InPhase's 1.6TB holographic optical drive

Peter Rojas

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InPhase holographic disc and drive

It's been a few months since someone announced a major breakthrough with some fantastically capacious new storage format, the last time around was Pioneer's 500GB ultraviolet laser optical disc, and then before that those 300GB holographic discs from Optware, now InPhase is pimping a holographic drive that uses optical discs that could potentially store as much as 1.6TB of data (as in terabytyes, as in a crazy amount of storage space). It's just a prototype (there is nary a word on pricing or availability), which means our wiseass plan of skipping over HD DVD and Blu-ray and going straight to the 1.6TB motherlode probably won't fly, but InPhase says they're using the same kind of of blue lasers developed for Blu-ray drives and Hitachi Maxell is developing the storage medium.

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