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Scott McNulty, reporting for duty

Scott McNulty

Thanks for the great introduction, Barb, now the pressure is on to live up to it.

I know the question you’re asking yourself is, ‘Who is Scott McNulty and why is he writing about Apple?’

My love affair with Apple began during the summer of 1999.  I needed a computer and I made the fateful decision to purchase a Blueberry tray loading iMac, and I haven’t looked back since.

During most weekdays you will find me taking care of several Windows servers and about 100 workstations, but at night I joyfully return to my platform of choice and pound the keys of my ever capable Powerbook, Ambrose.

I am very excited to share my unbridled enthusiasm for Apple with you, and to hopefully learn a thing or two while doing it.

Let the games begin!

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