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Sirius shows off Xact ReGo (record and go), announces video in 2006

CES Xact ReGo

We're gonna tell you about their press conference a little later, but until then we've got a few details on the new Sirius Xact ReGo: interestingly, it plays back and records up to 4 hours' worth of MP3 audio (until we get some more numbers that could mean any amount of internal memory, depending on the recording bitrate), has a "flash card slot" (though they wouldn't say which format) that supports up to 1GB of storage and transfers via USB.

They also followed up with a paltry few more details about their expected video in 2006 (which coincided with their partnership with Microsoft). Basically all we know right now is that we will see two or three channels delivered digitally (naturally) via WMV9—no word yet on the hardware side of things.

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