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Wowee Robosapien V2 and Robosapien Dinosaur

Dan Wu

Robosapien V2 smallWowee has made their hit robot bigger and badder with the Robosapien V2, ten inches taller than the original, and more mobile: now it can sit, lie down, and pick up and throw objects. They've also managed to add some features that the Sony Aibo has, including moving LED light eyes, movement tracking, and can even talk (we can't wait to hack it and make it start gangsta rapping). There's also word of the Robosapien Dinosaur, which is 23-inches long and can be set to track down a person once it detects movement. Should be available in September (?!) for one hundred bones.

Click to see a full-size pic, as well as one of the Dinosaur.

Robosapien V2 Large

Robosapien Dinosaur

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