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RCA @ CES - Lyra flash-based audio players for the athletes among us


RCA Lyra RD2212RCA also showed off two new flash-based Lyra MP3 players here at CES. Both are 256 MB flash players with compatiblity for MP3, Audible, and Microsoft's new PlaysForSure program. Aimed at the active lifestylist, the RD2212 is a splash-proof/sweat-proof MP3 player that's about the size of the Rio Carbon and that comes with all sorts of extras for the Ironman/Ironwoman/Ironperson inside of you like a 50-hour battery, a built-in stopwatch, FM tuner/recorder, calorie counter, and heart rate monitor.

The RD2312 is a tiny player with a backlit amber screen that automatically inverts the display so others can see what song you're listening to while you're during handstands (or something or other). Click to see a couple more pics.



RCA Lyra RD2212
4-line LCD display with battery gauge


RCA Lyra RD2312
Mock-up of the RD2312, which comes with a built-in upside-down mode

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