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Dolby: Holy 13.1 channels, Batman!

Eric Lin

dolbyDolby built a special theater in the middle of the CES floor to showcase Dolby Digital Plus, the next generation of Dolby home theatre protocols that starts at 7.1 and currently goes as high as 13.1 channels. Of course, they use all 13.1 channels in their booth. Not only does this one go to 13, but the audio is sampled at a much higher bit rate, for truer sound. Dolby bumped the sampling rate from 640 kbps to 6 Mbps. HD-DVD has already selected Dolby Digital Plus as its audio codec of choice. Of course that means that once you get an HD-DVD player and the accompanying receiver, you'll need enough cable to wrap around the earth's circumference just to wire a single room. Buy stock in Monster Cable.

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