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Pioneer @ CES - The massively multiformat DV-588A-S DVD player

Peter Rojas

Pioneer DV-588A-S
At this point we seriously hope you've already got a DVD player, but if you're looking to upgrade and want a little something that'll do more than just play DVDs and CDs, Pioneer's got a progressive scan DVD player that can handle almost everything you'll throw at it: regular DVDs, DVD-Audio, Super Audio CDs, WMA, MP3, DVD-R, DVD-RW, JPEGs, and DivX. That last one is especially a big deal since up until now DVD players with support for playback of DivX video files have mainly (but not always) been the domain niche players like KiSS Technologies and lesser-known Taiwanese and Chinese brands, so it's good to see a major player getting in on the action. Should be out in April, projected retail price: $199.

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