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The iPod flash is random

Peter Rojas
iPod flash Life is Random

Even though everyone is now pretty damn sure that Apple is going to do what most people thought they would never do and bust out a flash-based iPod, they've actually managed to do a fine job keeping any product photos — or even a product name — from leaking out. There was one close call though. Turns out they can sue the heck out of the rumor sites, but even Apple is powerless in the face of a couple of Italian Appleheadz from MacityNet who decided to spend the days before Macworld camped out in front of the Moscone Center in San Francisco waiting for something, anything to turn up. They caught a glimpse of a banner being put up inside the convention center for a slender new iPod with a storage capacity of 240 songs, which sounds just about right for a 1GB flash player, and no display. They couldn't see the name for the new player on the billboard, and they claim that Macworld staff made them delete any photos that showed the player itself (which does mean these guys could be joking around), but it does look like Apple is at least unfurling a new slogan: "Life is Random." Deep. Anyway, our long wait ends tomorrow, and of course we'll have coverage.

[Thanks, Wirobro & Marco]

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