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O2's BlackBerry 7100x

Peter Rojas
RIM BlackBerry 7100x

Still not sure we're digging on this new direction Research In Motion is taking things, but UK wireless carrier O2 is coming out with the latest BlackBerry in the 7100 series, the 7100x. This one has the same 20-key keyboard as the 7100t and the 7100v (you know, where they put two letters on each key rather than squeeze in a full QWERTY layout and then use predictive text to guess which letter you want), quad-band GMS/GPRS (which means you can use it overseas), Bluetooth, 32MB of RAM, and a 260x240 LCD screen. We've got a hunch that you'll be seeing something similar to the 7100x over here, only it'll be called the 7100g and be available from Cingular.

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