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LaCie to launch DivX, TV-compatible hard drives

Marc Perton

lacie silverscreenHard-drive maker LaCie has announced the silverscreen, a 40GB USB 2.0 hard drive that can be hooked directly to TVs and set-top boxes. While the $249 drive seems a little steep if all you want to do is show off digital photos and play MP3 files (an 80GB version will go for $329), the drive has at least one useful feature: DivX-compatibility, which means that you can finally take that collection of downloaded movies and actually watch them on TV without having to hook up your computer or convert and burn them to DVDs. If you've downloaded a lot of flicks and are looking for an easier way to watch them, this may just be worth considering. Just get it before the MPAA lawyers get a good look at it.

[Thanks, Nick]

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