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XM files for on-demand and cellphone patents

Ryan Block, @ryan
XM patent 1

So right before we hit up CES it came out that apparently XM went all sneaky-style behind our backs last April and submitted a patent application for a device that would, among other things, access a broadcast system with time-shifted on-demand program purchasing, and allow that programming to be downloadable to a removable memory format. XM has had the time-shifting tip for a while now (Sirius more recently caught up with a couple products at CES), but what really interests us is that the device XM's trying to patent will also "[provide and facilitate] the acquisition of video, graphics, text or any other media content." That's pretty broad and bold, but if we were Sirius we might be a little disconcerted about that; it could seriously put the hurt on them if XM moves fast. Oh, and did we mention their patent application also outlines integration for all these features into a cellphone? Click to see some more godawfully crude drawings the XM team came up with.

XM patent 3

General system architecture. Aight, nice Visio, guys.

XM patent 4

Some examples of uses of the device in question.

XM patent 2

We kid you not. They seriously drew a stick man in their patent application.

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