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Canadian inventor discovers x-ray vision, maybe

Angel Light

Canadian inventor Troy Hurtubise, who some of you may know as the creator of the grizzly bear-proof suit and fire-resistant paste, claims to have built a device that sees through walls.  Doc Brown-style, Hurtubise says he saw the entire device, called the Angel Light, in a dream and built it without any blueprints or schematics.  He later showed the device to representatives from the French government who were so impressed they gave him $40,000 on the spot to finish it.  After talking to some contacts at MIT, he also discovered that the device could also detect stealth material and cause electronic devices to stop working (or, so he says).  And, like any good mad scientist, he tested the device on himself.  Sticking his hand in front of it, he claims to have been able to see muscles and blood vessels, but now says he has no feeling in a finger on that hand.   Ah, the perils of science.

[Via BoingBoing]

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