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Boost Mobile's "Woody" Moto i860 phone

Marc Perton

boost woody i860We can appreciate the impulses that have led to the retro-style cellphone movement — we've had misty-eyed moments of longing for the days when phones weighed 30 pounds, our fingers developed calluses from rotary dialing and the only available ringtone was a bell. Okay, maybe it's been less like longing than relief that we don't have to put up with all that anymore. Still, we do get a kick out of mods like the Pokia and its ilk. Less interesting are executive toys like the wood-paneled Motorola i860 from Boost Mobile. As much as Boost would like us to think the $500 phone (vs. $100 for the standard version) evokes "classic surfboards, old school cars with wood paneling, and 1970s retro wood and wood-grain style," it reminds us of nothing more than those tacky wooden keyboards, monitors and mice sold by luxury office-supply companies (Swedx excepted, of course).

[Via MobileMag]

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