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Mobile Shot TDG-9920: cellphone, mosquito repeller, massager, flashlight -- and more!

Marc Perton
Mobile Shot TDG-9920

So, you're stuck in the woods, surrounded by mosquitos. It's pitch black, you've got a headache, and you're feeling totally wiped out. What do you do? The folks at Korea's TNP Telecom would apparently like you to reach for your cellphone. Not content to merely let you talk, take pictures and send text messages, TNP has added an ultrasonic mosquito repeller, a massager, a flashlight and a biorhythm reader to their Mobile Shot TDG-9920. We can't imagine that the new features are great for battery life or call clarity (assuming they can even be used while a call is in progress), but we have to give TNP credit for creating what may be the Ginsu knife of cellphones — though we would like to see them add a nose-hair clipper to the next version.

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