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Dell updates Latitudes with D410, D610, and D810

Ryan Block, @ryan
Dell Latitude D410, D610, and D810

Dell's launched their latest salvo of Sonoma-based laptops at you (but certainly not their first), the long-overdue updates to their business-class Latitude line, the D810, the D410, and the D610 (which update the D800, D600, and D400, get it?). If you're not familiar with the lineup, these machines class up from 12.1-inch, 14.1-inch, and 15.4-inch widescreen on the D400, D600, and D800 series, respectively. Except now one can expect all the benefits to the Sonoma Centrino platform, such as optional PCI-Express based ATI Mobility Radeon X300 graphics, 2.0GHz+ CPUs, DDR2 SDRAM—you know, the works. If you're so inclined, the D610 and D410 are available for order now on their site (no word as to when the D810's going to make its appearance).

[Thanks, Dan]

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