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More turmoil at TiVo - TiVo prez quits

Peter Rojas

More turmoil at TiVo: First Mike Ramsay is eased out of his job as CEO (he's still Chairman), now company president Marty Yudkovitz has announced he's leaving TiVo to "spend more time with his family," which is almost always a euphemism for "my ass got fired" (though we'll give him the benefit of the doubt, of course). Not that the company couldn't use some fresh faces (and ideas) at the top—it's no secret that TiVo is floundering in the face of increasing competition on the low-end from cable and satellite companies which are offering their own generic DVRs and on the high-end from PC-based options like Windows Media Center, MythTV, and Beyond TV. Introducing TiVoToGo and that new Home Media Engine web services software development kit was a good move, but one that was long overdue—they should have rolled out both of these a year ago.

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