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Xbox 2/Xbox Next/Xenon to debut at E3 2005?

Ryan Block, @ryan

Xbox2 design pic

What's that noise, you ask? What you're hearing right now is the sound of 10,000 Xbox fanboys purchasing their tickets to LA for E3—Microsoft confirmed a report that the Xbox 2/Xenon will indeed not debut at the Game Developers Conference this year (GDC was where they debuted the original Xbox 5 years ago); nearest in the schedule is the Electronics Entertainment Expo in May, but MS isn't making any promises. What? Don't look surprised, we didn't really think Gates was going to make it happen at CES.

P.S. Don't get your hopes up on the picture, if you don't remember this was a supposedly leaked early design photo, which will most assuredly not be the real deal.

[Thanks, Cosmo]

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