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Creative's SD-based DiVi CAM 316 camcorder

Ryan Block, @ryan
Creative's SD-based DiVi CAM 316

We can't say we really saw Creative ever coming out with a camcorder, but hey, we aren't here to discriminate. They've gone the way of full multimedia device with the DiVi CAM 316, though—the unit features a 270° swiveling 1.6-inch screen, 3.1-megapixel CMOS (not surprising they won't use a CCD), which records VGA-quality MPEG-4 video and takes interpolated 6.6-megapixel stills (uh oh, here we go with the interpolation!), has a voice recorder, and plays back MP3s, all off its SD slot (and 16MB of internal flash memory, of course). Unfortunately, yes, it requires AAA batteries, lacks a decent amount of internal storage, as well as only having USB 1.1. So basically it seems kind of standard fare for the super-low end (wait, wasn't Creative's Sim Wong Hoo the one who accused Apple of making a device "worse than the cheapest Chinese player"?), but when you hear that the tiny 3.5 x 2.75 x 1.45-inch device is only going to cost $150 US, it all begins to make sense.

[Via Photography Blog]

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