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Wired News and Scoble: Point/counterpoint on iPods at Microsoft

Ryan Block, @ryan
Bill Gates CES keynote

Wired News is claiming in an article that Microsoft's internal management have been wringing their hands anxiously at the droves of iPod users who work there—their source estimates somewhere in the range of 64% of all MSFT employees own one (which might explain why it's been selling so well lately). So much so that Microsoft's management is stressing, Wired News claims, that it's become impolitic and relatively tactless to take your iPod to work, apparently because it doesn't use WMA, PlaysForSure, or work with the MSN Music store. Microsoft blogger Robert Scoble sez: no dice! He apparently hasn't seen anything which scolds iPod use on campus or off—but it does sound like there are a few higher-ups in the Windows Media division who might be getting a little twitchy. We can understand the people charged with killing the iPod feeling put out, but for as much smack as people talk on Microsoft, we have a hard time believing that the boys at the long rosewood table are troubling themselves over something as silly as this. 

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