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The Razorback paintball tank

Ryan Block, @ryan
Razorback paintball tank

We're not sure what kind of paintballer you'd have to be to invest in the Razorback paintball tank, but its mere existence seems to necessitate some sort of crazed fanaticism the likes of which we can only imagi—er, well, relate to, actually. And apparently that fanatic needs a 360° rotating dual gattling gun turret (or scenario launchers for tank combat), fed by a five thousand round paintball hopper with another 14,000 rounds onboard. Oh, and it's got a loudspeaker system with a mic, for taunting your opponents as you pump a few hundred skin-blistering rounds into their sorry pelt. We are just so confused right now, and so reminded of kids who played with their GI Joes well into their teens.

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