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DigitalDeck networked DVR

Marc Perton

digital deckWe know 2005 has been called the "year of high-def networking." Maybe it should really be called the "year of long-delayed hi-def network-products finally making it to market." Like the SkipJam iMedia Center, another home-entertainment networking box that's been talked about for a while now looks ready to ship. The DigitalDeck Entertainment Network had its first demo at CES — CES 2004, that is. It got great buzz, but eager customers were left holding their breath until late last year, when the company announced that they had signed up Smarthome as a distributor. Now, the box looks good to go. From what we can tell, it's basically a PC-based DVR (running on XP Home, rather than Media Center) that ships with a base unit and two remote boxes that can be connected via Ethernet. Given that several other products already offer similar functions, and that the DDEN requires a wired network, we're not sure what all the hubbub was about, but we'll reserve judgment until we see some actual reviews.

[Via Designtechnica]

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