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Voom = Not dead yet?

Peter Rojas

Cablevision selling their satellite to Echostar sorta put the hurt on them, but is there a chance that high-definition satellite service Voom might bounce back? Cablevision founder and chairman Charles Dolan wasn't too happy about selling off the Voom satellite in the first place (his board of directors forced the sale on him), but now he's trying to buy Voom's remaining assets (like its 26,000 subscribers and licenses to its 21 channels) so he can form a new private venture to keep it going. How irrationally in love with Voom must this guy be? His company ditches it, but he is so unable to let go that he's basically doing everything he can to keep Voom alive. He's probably just going to end up losing a lot of his own money this time around (it's estimated that Voom has already lost a billion dollars), but you gotta admire his dedication.

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