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Tiny Nokia adds hype for 3GSM next week

Jesse D. Lewin
Tiny Nokia diagram

The 3GSM World Conference is just around the corner, and needless to say we've put our significant others on standby for Valentine's Day.  All the major firms will be in Cannes to hawk their latest, and we've seen bits from Sony Ericsson and Motorola that make us quite excited.  To add to the list of things to look forward to, we submit this diagram of a new Nokia handset.  Now at first it seemed strange that it was a diagram and not a picture like most other FCC reports of this type, until we noticed the note on the last page of the PDF, "The compliance statement can be seen in the User Guide…because the size of handportable…and it's identification label are so small that the compliance statement cannot be printed visible enough."  Translation: there's a small freaking Nokia on the way next week!

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