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Nokia throws down three 6's at 3GSM

Jesse D. Lewin
Nokia 3GSM 2005

The press conference has just started, and our friends at Phone Scoop have already posted the skinny on Nokia's new handsets.  First off is the smallest Series 60 smartphone yet, the 6682.  This beauty features a 1.3 megapixel camera, LED flash, and a 262k color display.  The tiny handset also includes Push to Talk, an MMC slot, and EDGE/GPRS all rolled nice and tight.  The 6682 is slated for the second quarter.

Next up is the 6680, which builds upon the 6682 by adding WCDMA and swapping push-to-talk for a secondary VGA camera to support video calls.  The active slide cover for the primary camera will automatically switch between cameras during video calls.  The 6680 should drop next month.

Finally Nokia has announced the 6101, a clamshell with Xpress audio messaging, color primary and sub displays, a VGA camera, and push-to-talk.  This tri-band beauty will come in EU and US frequency flavors in the second quarter.

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