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Freeware February: MenuMeters


menumetersThe pick I had planned for today just happened to coincide with a question sent in via our ‘send us tips’ link, by Dennis from the Netherlands. Dennis, by the way, knows how to grab our attention… he started off by paying TUAW lots of compliments!

Dennis asked if we knew of any program that would monitor his net connection, “showing some cool graphs about howmany bit/bytes were being transported through my aiport extreme card. Maybe also showing some statistics, how many mb I transfered this week/month.”

The first app to come to mind was MenuMeters, from Raging Menace. MenuMeters is a set of true Menu Extras (aka SystemUIServer plugins, which means they can be reordered with command-drag and they remember their positions in the menubar across logins and restarts) that monitors CPU, memory, disk, and network statistics. It doesn’t show stats by day/week/month that I am aware of, but it does show just about everything else.

Using the MenuMeters preference pane, you select what information you want MenuMeters to display, what interval you want it to update and which icons to show in your menubar. You can even control how your PowerMate behaves in reaction to various CPU load conditions. Clicking on any of the menu extras pulls down more detailed information, making no stat more than a single click away.

MenuMeters is open-source freeware released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Download it today!

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