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Industrial Facility's Sound Gum project

Ryan Block, @ryan
Sound Gum

We do a lot about iPod knockoffs here at Engadget—admit it, at best, they're pretty damned funny, and at least they're pretty damned entertaining—and we call 'em like we see 'em, believe you us. But we're going to have to disclaim this one right now, since we're well aware of the fact that it would be professional suicide for former head of IDEO Europe, Sam Hecht, to knock off the shuffle willy nilly, just like that. So anyway, Hecht's new design company, Industrial Facility, has a very familiar looking (unintentionally so, we're sure) new product lineup designed for Lexon called Sound Gum. And yes, it's a series of USB devices about the size and shape of a small pack of gum, each with a different self-explanatory purpose: Sound Gum, Data Gum, and Light Gum. Alright, careful now everyone.

[Thanks, Kenmo]

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