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The Brainbar: autosoused

Ryan Block, @ryan
The Brainbar

We know, we know, you're always reading mixology books trying to find new drinks but as soon as you get to the bar your mouth just blurts out "screwdriver" or "vodka cranberry." Enter the Brainbar—a barback's best friend or a bartender's worst nightmare, depending on who you ask. Hook up an electroencephalogram (EEG) reader to the drinker's head, and readings of the alpha and beta wavelengths that correspond to the current state of their mind's activity will inform the Brainbar which drink to mix. We can imagine that this could be bad for the bar business, however—unlike the traditional arc of drinking, in this model the more drunk the user gets, the less likely they're going to be to pound "three shots of tequila and buy a round for everybody, just put it on my tab."

[Via Near Near Future]

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