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Sony halts the PSX again, this time for good?

Ryan Block, @ryan

We're not going to say the PSX was doomed from the start, because not only was it a wonderful idea to combine a DVR (with a DVD burner) and the PlayStation 2, but it came as part of a gallant effort on Sony's part in an apparent (rare) collaboration of divisions. The price was right—last we heard, it was going for about $400 US, a complete bargain considering a TiVo with a DVD burner can cost hundreds more more and also requires that monthly service fee—but it totally underscored the problems with Sony's understanding of foreign markets. Not only did they never have a platform previously in the DVR arena, which led to buggy, immature software on the PSX (maybe they'd like to consider buying TiVo?), but even though Japanese consumers thought to steer clear, the PSX could have been huge had they shipped it to the  PS2 and (increasingly) media-center crazy US. Well, looks like we may never know though, since Sony's once again shut down production of the unit before it could actually land in Europe; we estimate this time it will be forever, at least in its current incarnation. Now we begin the mourning process.

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