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A next-gen Game Boy by Xmas?

Peter Rojas
Satoru Iwata

It's been pretty much an open secret since the middle of last year that Nintendo is working on a new Game Boy—they've always been clear that the DS was never intended to be the successor to the Game Boy Advance—and it looks like the new console could be out as early as Christmas, at least according to industry analyst/gossip hound P.J. McNealy. No word on what it might be called (the one name we keep hearing is "Game Boy Evolution", though that isn't necessarily it), but McNealy predicts it'll retail for $99 and Nintendo prez Satoru Iwata could announce the next Game Boy as early as March 10th.

[Via Joystiq]

UPDATE: SPOnG, a site we wouldn't exactly describe as reliable, is claiming that the next-gen GBA will definitely be shown off at E3 in May and that it'll look a lot like the PSP—large LCD screen, analog controls—and be based on the GameCube's technology and connect to the upcoming Revolution console. They're also saying confirming those rumors that were going around about Nintendo is licensing the Palm OS for the DS, and that they'll announce this at E3 as well. Take this as you will.

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