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Celda detractors, taunt no more!

Ben Striegel
Link vs. Moblin

THIS could be big. Tipster Sam writes:

In the latest issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly, it is revealed that, starting in April, preordering the newest Legend of Zelda for Gamecube will nab you a redone version of The Wind Waker. The newest version of Wind Waker features what everybody has been requesting for some time: NON cel-shaded graphics. That's right, this version of the Wind Waker features ADULT Link in all his 3D glory, along with two unreleased dungeons that Miyamoto felt "had gotten too big for all ages to play."

Of course, there's no link to read to verify this claim, considering that Electronic Gaming Monthly doesn't post their articles online (damn magazines, with their so-called "paper" and their so-called "ink"). Not that I don't trust the validity of the tip, it's just that EGM's claim seems to be a bit far-fetched to me. Why would Nintendo take time out of their undoubtedly insane schedule by rehauling the graphics engine for a game that was renowned for its graphical style more than anything?

And if the tip proves to be true, what could it mean for Nintendo? Shigeru Miyamoto has repeatedly stated that The Wind Waker's graphical style was chosen deliberately to convey a more immersive game experience. What could warrant such a blatant reversal of position? Would this announcement serve to hype the new Zelda game even more, just as the inclusion of the OoT Master Disc spurred sales of The Wind Waker? Or would it only serve to cast a shadow over the upcoming Zelda by diverting attention away from it? And how would a realistic Wind Waker compare to its cel-shaded predecessor? Ah, so many questions, yet so many more.

UPDATE: It's a fake, "obviously." Apparently EGM thinks they're too good to wait until February ends to start making April Fools jokes. Still, the idea intrigues, don't it?

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