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iPod DJing hits the States; what’s in an iPod name?

Barb Dybwad

iPodsSo we already knew this phenomenon has been going on overseas for some time now, but it’s apparently becoming more of a phenomenon on this side of the Atlantic as well. Clubs such as the Cafe Saint-Ex in Northwest Washington D.C. are now regularly inviting patrons to bring in their iPods for 12 minutes’ worth of song-spinning fame.

Definitely a positive trend, but I’m far more interested in a little nugget buried within this Washington Post article: ”[iPod DJ] Wildt bought her iPod ‘a year and five months ago,’ she says, and calls it ‘Gayle.’ (’I just thought it looked like a Gayle. My computer doesn’t have a name, but for some reason this one has a name.’ Holly Tegeler, 24, calls her iPod Karl, with a K. ‘I knew he was a boy,’ says Tegeler, a Web developer. ‘I don’t know why, I just know he is.’)”

Clearly the real question here, folks, is what is your iPod’s name?

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