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Today’s neologism: Shufflecasting

Barb Dybwad
iPod Shuffle

Dude, Podcasting is so two weeks ago. Shufflecasting is the latest and greatest in background soundtrack for your day: instead of downloading fully-produced podcasts, Rael Dornfest is taking a more eclectic approach by using AutoFill to dump a random assortment of shorter clips onto her his iPod shuffle. Audiobooks, soundtrack snippets, sound effects, IT Conversations all combine willy-nilly to produce a never-the-same-sequence-twice cocktail of “geek NPR meets Prairie Home Companion meets The Screensavers.”

As a departure from the more linear and “produced” sound of quasi-radio podcasts or pre-sequenced playlists chosen by others, I think this is a cool trend. Seems like everybody is hot to be a DJ in some form, whether for others or just for themselves. I vote yes on this DIY soundtrack trend. Is anyone else tapping into the random with Shufflecasting?

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