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iki iki Monitor sets out to breathalyze sneaky smokers

Gareth Edwards

iki iki MonitorThe problem of smoking among Japanese high school students may not be about to bring the country toppling, but it's certainly in the news after a prominent rookie baseball pitcher got himself suspended from school last week for smoking in a pachinko parlour (the gambling wasn't a problem, apparently). Kanematsu Wellness has set out to assist in the good fight with its iki iki Monitor ("iki" means "breath", in case you were wondering), which measures levels of carbon monoxide in your breath to determine whether you're a light, heavy or non-deathstick user. It even comes with a carrying case for portability so kids, watch out for lightning raids next time you sneak off for a smoke behind the bike sheds. One iki iki Monitor will set you back Y65,000 (about $650), or the price of 240.7 packs of Japanese cigarettes.

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